Swimming pool Pu Luong Eco Garden

The swimming pool Pu Luong Eco Garden offers one of the most spectacular view of the Reserve. Overlooking the mountains and facing the sunrise in the early morning, you will never tire of contemplating this show.

swimming pool sunrise pu luong eco garden
Swimming pool sunrise

Filled with the clear water of the stream, the pure water of the swimming pool is an inevitable passage while you are visiting us.

The pool is long enough to enjoy some lengths for the avid swimmers and the edge of the pool is just the perfect place to face the view for a chilling time in the water.

swimming pool
Aerial swimming pool view

Around the swimming pool, you will find some sunbeds to enjoy a sunbath, read a book or have one of our homemade cocktail. You can have your cocktail or beer directly inside the pool for an unforgettable experience.

For the photography’s lovers, no need to mention that you will fulfill your album with some amazing photos. Starting from the early morning for the sunrise to the dusk, the view is scenery seems changing at every moment of the day.

Let ‘s make your best souvenirs together at Pu Luong Eco Garden !