pu luong Waterfall in Hieu village
Hieu waterfall

Pu Luong waterfall > limpid and clear water 

pu luong Waterfall in Hieu village
Hieu waterfall

Visiting Pu Luong, besides Kho Muong, other must see village is Ban Hieu and its waterfall. One of the best hiking route in Pu Luong is between these two villages. The hike is a little bit up and down and the scenery changes from mountains and jungle to rice terraces. In Thai language, Hieu means protruding promontory. It is famous for Hieu streams which can turn trees into “stone” trees. Actually, the stream contains large amounts of lime so it calcifies the tree roots beneath the stream bed. Where Hiêu waterfall pour water on the terraces, the water is quite peaceful, but as the first ascending the slope the greater source, creating strong currents. It is one of the best place for both relaxing and swimming.

Besides swimming in the waterfall, the village itself is beautiful. It is easy to explore by yourself but you will get more information exploring with a tour guide. During the dry season, it is even possible to trek inside the river from the bottom to the top.

Main dish in Hieu, and also in the whole Reserve is the duck. Cooked in different ways, this is a must try during your visit in Hieu village.

Ban Hieu is a favorite place of both locals and visitors and it has been invested with more accommodation rather than homestay of village. The new three bungalow Les Bains De Hieu Ecolodge next to the beautiful waterfall is now the best place to stay. It is very peaceful with nice people, pristine scenery and you can absolutely feel like home when you stay there.

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