Pu Luong aerial view

Pu Luong Highlights

Pu Luong Nature Reserve has recently become one of the highlights destination in Northern Vietnam for both locals and tourists. With an around 17 000ha area, there are many places to explore.

The main highlight is definitely the landscape. As a protected area, the nature is intact. Chilling from one of the hotel with a good location is already an activity in itself, time will fly without you noticing it. For the most adventurers ones, trekking to find out some hidden places and see other landscapes is also recommended. From easy to  hard level, everybody will find his way to enjoy. As a mountainous area, there are only few options to avoid some steep paths. For those who want to challenge themselves, you will always be rewarded by a spectacular view, like reaching the top of Pu Luong Mountain at 1 700m.

pu luong highlights view
Pu Luong view

While trekking, the other highlights of Pu Luong will be to meet the local people on the way and see them in their daily life. They are well known for their friendliness. They live at the ancient rhythm from agriculture. Even if the new generation dresses more trendy, they still follow the minority traditions. They will always be happy to invite you to participate to their activities (planting or harvesting rice) or to share a tea of a glass of ruou (local rice wine).

hanging bridge easy trekking
Hanging bridge pu luong 3 days

The main highlights of Pu Luong will be to reach the hidden Kho Muong village where you can walk to the biggest cave of the Reserve named Doi cave ( bat cave). Other trekking starting from Don village to reach Ui village from the top and contemplate the nice  view of. Finally don’t miss the trekking to Hieu village passing through the jungle to be rewarded by the limpid water of the multi steps waterfall.

Kho Muong view
Kho Muong village
ui village
Ui village
Hieu waterfall pu luong 3 days
Hieu waterfall


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