Kho Muong is a village of about 65 families with over 300 White Thai people. In local dialect, “Kho” is Origin and “Muong” is Village so “Kho Muong” is understood as the place where people first settled in the whole area. The Kho Muong village was found about 300 years ago by some hunters who amazed by the flat valley with abundant water from streams and they moved all of their family, neighbors and settled down here. Regarding location, it lies deep in the core zone of the Reserve, isolated from other villages in the region. In order to reach this village with spectacular view of both mountain and valley.

Once through the pristine forests of Pu Luong Nature Reserve and overcoming passes, steep challenges, the Kho Muong appears peacefully on graceful hills.

Kho Muong is located in on of the deepest valleys in Pu Luong. The best reach this village is via road 15A that connect Mai Chau and Pu Luong and start trekking from Ban Sai, where road 15A meets road 15C. The trek from Sai village to Kho Muong village offers the most stunning scenery with big cliffs and green forest on a side and rice terraces and village on one side. Visit Kho Muong, residing at any house, you will be treated to the very typical dishes like rice, mountain, forest banana flower salad, soup bitter, corn liquor, especially boiled duck meat.


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