Bar Pu Luong Eco Garden 

If you are looking for a bar Pu Luong Eco Garden is your choice. With a pool bar and a lounge bar, in any weather you will find your place to enjoy and relax !

As a mountainous area, Pu Luong has various weather conditions. To provide a comfortable experience either in the cold winter or in the hot summer, we provide two different spaces so you will always have a convenient one to enjoy a cocktail, a fruit juice or a glass of wine.

Most of the time of the year, the weather is from warm to hot. You will spend most of your time around the pool to enjoy a refreshing dive into the pool or just to look at the amazing view from the sunchair. During this time, you can order directly at our pool bar. Open from the morning until evening, any kind of drinks are available. A morning coffee, an afternoon smoothie or beer or an evening cocktail, our barmen will prepare all drinks you need.

pool bar pu luong eco garden
Pool bar Pu Luong Eco Garden

If you are worry that in winter time it is too cold to stay outside by the pool, you can visit or lounge bar. Cozy place decorated by rocks and wood, it will be the best option for an afternoon hot chocolate or an evening glass of wine.

Two bars in Pu Luong, two atmospheres but one guaranteed pleasure !